The educational plan

The educational process of handicapped children is based on a good individual diagnosis and an appropiate individual educational plan. At the Don-Bosco-Schule teachers, parents and therapists - if necessary - are involved in the teaching process.

The educational plan concentrates on

  • speech / alternatvie adapted communication
  • dealing with quantities and numbers
  • learning and working behaviour
  • social behaviour

The affirmative action at the Don-Bosco-Schule includes amongst others:

  • Individual learning methods
  • Precise sturctures (content, room, time, tools)
  • Establsihment of a positive realtionship between teachers and pupil
  • Training of communiations and conflict management
  • Building of a realistic self concept

All the Don-Bosco-Schule class-crossing affimative mesures have been developed in the fields of communications and autism as well as to support severly handicapped students.